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Our Made in France story

In a July 17 article published on Judikael Hirel explains how to determine the "made in France", through the label Origine France garantie.

At Il est un couture we draw in France, in Paris exactly, we model in France and we manufacture in France, in Bourg-en-Bresse. Our fabrics, which we specify the manufacturer for each model, are mostly French, but we also supply in Europe, in Switzerland for cottons (Hausammann + Moos) and in Scotland for cashmere (Johsnton of Elgin) because those are for us the best suppliers for these specific products and they each have an undeniable history and know-how.

Why this choice of French made? Because we are a French brand, created by French people, inspired by our French culture and we cherish our know-how.

So, of course, our articles have a certain cost, but above all they have a real quality that is due to the way they are made and the materials used. They are thought and so that children feel good, and to last, with hope this little extra elegance that makes the difference.